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Whose Happiness is more Important the Buyer or the Seller

I wanted to write this new post as I received a DM the other day about one of my results that I had achieved.

The seller's and buyer's review of this property are actually on my website in the testimonial section.

The seller's property actually achieved a record price for type of property in a suburb on the Brisbane Southside. The 3 bedroom home achieved what some 4 bedrooms achieve and the owner was very happy with the result, and so was the buyer. The buyer felt they found there dream home and had to pay a little more than what they wanted but was still very happy for the result.

The message I received said that as the agent we should preside over a fair deal for both, and that both the seller and buyer need to compromise. That for a buyer's point of view getting a record price turns them off from future transactions. Also that by raising the prices it turns buyers off and would lose interest in the property. So in fact recommending that I adjust my business model and how I deal with real estate professionally.

Yes I agree that there is two sides to buying and selling real estate. I feel that both are important and happiness of all parties achieving the result they want is important.

However, unlike other agents I feel that representing the seller first and foremost is the most important. As every time I want the sellers' to achieve record prices... because I am employed not by the buyer but by the seller. The seller is the one that has my signature on Form 6 (used here in QLD), and in my presentations I say I fight for them.

I believe that every real estate transaction all parties should be happy, mainly because an honest and ethical trade has taken place. The heart buyer has got the property and achieved there dream. The seller can plan some amazing things in the future, with the price they achieved.

I am more concerned about a happy result then I am with achieving my commission quickly and unethically.

So thank you for your DM, but for me it just reemphasizes the importance of my job in the industry.

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