• Trent Appleby

To Reno or Not To Reno that is the Question?

First the look, then merits...

It's a saying from the east, but makes real sense especially in Realestate Sales.

To give yourself best chance of selling, fast... first impression matters, regardless of actual value of the property.

There is a misconception in property presentation in general that top money needs to be spent to make the properly appealing.

But in reality, little things make huge difference like- lawn mowing, reparing visible minor details like loose fence post, torn fly screen, touch up paint work etc that home owners can do themselves; which would not take more than one trip to Bunnings or let your semi retired handyman neighbour do the job!

If your property is dated and you have some budget to freshen up to get the desired return, following things may make quite a difference:

1. Replace old window covering

2. New light fittings and switches

3. New taps, shower head and door, drwer handles

These are half a days work for qualified tradies; and they won't cost an arm and a leg!

I am a big fan of plants, fruit trees and flowers. We all love them when we find them in a house. If you have nothing get some potted colours, in your local nursery they are available less than price of flat white....

They thrive with minimum care and welcome you with wide hands and big smiles....they ask nothing much in return....just empty your water bottle at their soft feet at the end of the day.

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