• Trent Appleby

Do Virtual Tours and Professional Videos Produce Results?

One question we tend to receive is are Virtual Tours and Professional Videos important or do they produce results?

This is a very good question because there can be two schools of thought in relation to marketing material.

Firstly, that at times less is more or that you want potential buyers to come and see something that they haven't seen online.

Or secondly, that the more material you have the more chance of interested parties.

I used to probably sit in the first camp that it would be better to get the buyers in to see all the properties features.

However, in our last property that we sold we used Professional Photography and a video done in house, for just under 1 month and a half. We found that there was interest but there was no offers in that time.

So we decided to utilise Professional Video and Virtual Tour provided by AJ Watson Photography. In space of a week and a half we had 3 interested parties, one of which almost put in an offer and another who put in a offer that achieved a record price for the suburb. This is not to mention all the interest we had after the offer was accepted.

So with this in mind I now believe that Virtual Tours are a fantastic way to sell a property. As it can highlight attributes that one's may have missed in the initial marketing photos. It also is very helpful for interstate buyers, and also for Co-Vid 19 times that we live in currently.

AJ Watson Photography was also affordable and provided fantastic service.

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