• Trent Appleby

By Appointment Inspections Or Open Homes

What do you think is best?

There is pros and cons for both types of inspection methods. What is really important is how the agent handles both of the inspections.

Open Homes is the industry standard and is even encouraged when a real estate agent gets his or her full license. The main reason why this is encouraged though is for the real estate agent to get more leads or people who are coming to an open and wanting to sell there own property.

Hence why most agents will use this method. It can have advantages though for you the home owner. With more people coming through it gives the buyers pressure to possibly make an offer. As they see the other buyers coming through and this encourages them to make an offer on the property.

The biggest disadvantages though of open homes. Is firstly, that anyone can turn up. One's who can be tire kickers, or even possible robbers. Qualified buyers can be rare. Secondly the other disadvantage right now is Co-Vid it is probably best practice to do by appointments, as this lessens the risk of one's inspecting with the virus.

So what by appointment inspections? This aspect of inspecting or selling your property I feel can be a real strength. For a buyer you can take your time through the property. You can ask the agent questions that you have about the property. You can have less pressure on you when you buying a property.

The strengths for a property owner on a by appointment inspection is the following. A good agent will qualify the buyer before they come through your property. Firstly, making sure they are pre-approved by the bank, that they are looking for your type of property. That they are ready to buy now. These areas are good for you as the seller. The other areas that are good is, is that it protects your property from would be robbers as well. As all buyers are registered.

If you would like to know more on inspections please feel free to get in contact with us.

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