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What do you need in an agent?

The biggest difference that we provide to you is that as the Principal your contact with us as an agency is that you will speak to me as the Principal. This is for not only if you are buying or selling, renting or leasing. I will find out what you need and I will appoint who will best assist your needs and provide the best service. We also are upfront with our cost differential at no time is there hidden charges or fees. If you're selling your home this will be a fee negotiated always by me and yourself.

I will strive to assist you in your property search and help to achieve the wealth and lifestyle you want. If you have an investment properties and need quality assurance of your property, I as the principal will provide that for you.

Speak to me today the Principal of this agency on 0449589238. I would love to be able to assist you if I can.